Moonshig Manor (or "Tell me again why we chose this life?")

This is where I'll be continually updating the status of our never-ending renovation.

We bought this beat up domicile in June 2015, hoping to turn it into something a human might actually love to live in for a little bit. The thing they don't tell you on HGTV is that these houses are not actually completed in 30 minutes.


The carpet was first to go. When we purchased the house, we received a large quantity of grungy, stained, mismatched 70s-y carpet. It was all over the living room, hallways, and bedrooms.


We gently (with permission) lifted up a corner of the carpet in the living room to see if there was anything salvageable under there. Caught a glimpse of some red oak and crossed our fingers that perhaps the flooring would be continuous throughout the house and in decent enough shape to be refinished.

On the day we got the keys, we immediately ripped every last bit of carpet out. It was covered in decades of cat piss, gallons of which had soaked all the way down through the wood floor.

Pee pickled wood

For those unfamiliar with what cat urine does to wood floors (as I was): this means enormous black splotchy patches everywhere, along with a strong, brain-pickling odor, decades in the making.

Destroying linoleum

Other parts of the floor were covered with layers of linoleum that had to be pried off, and the glue sanded off.

Puppy shoes required

And others still were dangerously pointy.

But guess what? After days of sanding and crawling around on my hands and knees with wood stain, the floor is glorious. My only regret is that I didn't go even more crazy with wood filler. There are still a couple of spots here and there with teensy gaps between the boards.

Shiny new old floor

And there's also a spot where 6 sweat droplets fell from my brow in 105 degree heat, and popped the wood before I stained it.

Climate Control

Which brings us here.

When you leave town for a week and come home to this. 💨❄️😅

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