👋🏻 I'm Sarah.

Sarah Park

I'm an advocate for remote work, sustainable company culture, and common-sense management.

Often, talented people are promoted into leadership roles without ever being given the fundamental tools needed to support and maintain a healthy team. After over 10 years of providing organizational support, I'm on a mission to ensure good people never become bad bosses.


Currently, I'm the President at MeetEdgar, one of Inc. Magazine's fastest growing companies in America and a certified Great Place To Work. You can read our Employee Handbook here: https://ed.gr/EmployeeHandbook (Please read it, I typed my heart and soul into it!)

I love talking about remote leadership and conscienciously designed company culture... and also my checkered snowboard bum past. Here's me on The Remote Show podcast talking about all those things.

And here's what I'm up to now.