What I'm up to now

Last updated: January 20, 2020

I'm at the end of the time period where I can say I "just recently" moved to Los Angeles, which makes me pretty sad. Less so because of LA, moreso because I don't like the fact that time is putting more and more distance between me and the mountains.

And yet, time passes no matter what you have to say about it, so-

Here's how I'm spending my days:

  • The awful old kitchen is now new one that two people can really stand in at once! After that, we tackled the wood-paneled den-esque room where Shawn works and drums. So, now we are tired and that will be our very convenient excuse that allows us to stretch the home renovation on further. We'll gut the bathrooms soon (a blatant optimistic lie we tell everybody we know).

  • I've learned that spending as much time as possible outdoors is what keeps me a reasonably pleasant person to be around. (Something about the fresh air and not spending every waking minute of my life in a house that I haven't finished renovating, I assume.) Even 5 or 10 minutes in the middle of an otherwise busy work day can work serious magic, so I make it a point to step outside for a little "sun break" every day.

  • I've gotten really into fitness as a... hobby? I've been going to a personal trainer to help me understand WTF I'm doing in the gym and to take awesome videos of me lifting weights for his Insta story. I also recently joined a cult-like group fitness gym, so I'm not always cardio-ing alone. I hate being one of those people who says exercise makes me just "feeeeel so much better," but it does and so I am.

  • I'm the President at MeetEdgar, where I'm happy to be creating an environment where work does not suck. I work alongside a delightful team of humans, all remotely, in the comfort of our socks and sweatpants, with our cats and dogs snoozing in our laps. (ICYMI, Edgar is an automation tool designed to make it easier than ever for small businesses to share their best evergreen content on social media.)

  • I've begun fostering dogs with Angel City Pit Bulls, so you can pretty much count on me having dog biscuit crumbs and a crumpled up potty bag in my pocket at any given time.

Here's how you can keep in touch:

Inspired by Derek Sivers' now page.